Whitefish Review Literary Journal, Whitefish, Montana
Issue #19
Summer 2016

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OPEN Jan 15-Mar 15


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Brian Schott

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SUBMISSION STATUS: The submission period is currently OPEN.

Issue #19
(Change Issue) submission period open Jan 15 - Mar 15.

Whitefish Review strongly encourages submitters to be familiar with the journal before submitting. Current & past issues as well as subscriptions are available for purchase.

Submit online for #19.

Submission period: January 15, 2016 - March 15, 2016
All submissions to Whitefish Review must be sent using our online submission manager.

Issue #19 will be guest edited by Cristina Eisenberg.

In this issue of Whitefish Review we explore change and all it means today. We are seeking fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art on the theme of change. We are especially looking for submissions about how people have responded to change, both personal and global, turned challenges into inspiration, found humor in even the most difficult times, and grown in the process. What do loose change, sex change, and menopause mean amid rising sea levels? What are we doing as world citizens, artists, and scholars to adapt to and mitigate global change? What are our sources of hope? What can we say about our society's resistance to change?

Where do we find our wellspring of inspiration? And where are we to go from here?

Change has always been intrinsic to living. Most of us change our jobs, partners, houses, diet, hair, college major, and car multiple times during our life. Some of these changes are forced by circumstances beyond our control, others are our way of making intuitive and creative leaps, rebelling, finding our path and our bliss, taking wild chances, shifting gears. While not all such changes are easy, many lead to very positive outcomes in our lives.

However, we are also living in a time of vast, sweeping global change that is affecting every living being on Earth. The world is heating up, leading to what has become known as the Sixth Extinction. Against the backdrop of global change, our life choices take on even greater meaning. And we are learning that as a society, acknowledging such change entails saying goodbye on personal to global scales-and redefining ourselves and how we live and relate to all living beings.

Thank you to all the writers, artists, and photographers for your support and interest.



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Detailed GENERAL FORMAT guidelines are on the main page of Whitefish Review's Online Submission Manager.

Submit one (1) prose piece (up to 5000 words), up to three (3) poems, five (5) photos, or five (5) pieces of art.


We do not accept submissions of previously published work.

Submissions exclusively through Whitefish Review's Online Submission Manager.

Whitefish Review no longer accepts mailed or emailed submissions.


Our submission periods are:
     summer issue, January 15 through March 15
     winter issue, August 1 through October 1

Email questions to: submit@whitefishreview.org


Notifications for the summer issue will be given by June 1.
Notifications for the winter issue will be given by December 1.

We cannot accommodate revisions or changes after pieces are submitted.


We want to honor your contribution and we pay $10/printed page, $25 minimum per title, $50 maximum per author, with one copy of the issue. Often we negotiate extra copies of the journal in lieu of payment to help us with cash flow. Payment is upon publication.