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Brian Schott

submission guidelines

SUBMISSION STATUS: The submission period is currently CLOSED.

Whitefish Review strongly encourages submitters to be familiar with the journal before submitting. Current & past issues as well as subscriptions are available for purchase.

All submissions to Whitefish Review must be sent using our online submission manager.

Issue #21 - Rising Voices will be lead edited by our poetry editor, Lowell Jaeger. Jaeger was recently featured on the Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor.

Lowell Jaeger on the Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor.

What do you have to say that feels necessary to express? What message in a bottle would you cast out from the confines of your island to be heard on distant shores?

“There is all the difference in the world,” said the philosopher/writer John Dewey, “between having something to say and having to say something.”

The theme for this 21st issue of Whitefish Review comes from the inspiring example of high school writers from Browning High School in the heart of the Blackfeet Nation. These young authors have come together under the name of “Rising Voices,” and amid the tumult of difficult circumstances, they are discovering what it is they have to say, what messages of value they have for the rest of us.

Let’s follow their lead and search our souls for our most necessary and compelling expressions. Send us your stories, art work, photos, essays, and poems in which you felt your own far-reaching voice rising, in which you discovered you had something surprising, urgent, vital to say.

Submission period August 1, 2017 - October 1, 2017:
2017 Montana Prize for Fiction – Author Rick Bass will serve as the judge for this fourth annual $1000 prize. 

Thank you to all the writers, artists, and photographers for your support and interest.



$3 online service fee*. FREE for high school students and younger.


Detailed GENERAL FORMAT guidelines are on the main page of Whitefish Review's Online Submission Manager.

Submit one (1) prose piece (up to 5000 words), up to three (3) poems, five (5) photos, or five (5) pieces of art.


We do not accept submissions of previously published work.

Submissions exclusively through Whitefish Review's Online Submission Manager.

Whitefish Review no longer accepts mailed or emailed submissions.


Our standard submission periods are:
    • summer issue, January 15 through March 15
    • winter issue, August 1 through October 1

Email questions to: submit@whitefishreview.org


Notifications for the summer issue will be given by June 1.
Notifications for the winter issue will be given by December 1.

We cannot accommodate revisions or changes after pieces are submitted.


We want to honor your contribution and we pay $10/printed page, $25 minimum per title, $50 maximum per author, with one copy of the issue. Often we negotiate extra copies of the journal in lieu of payment to help us with cash flow. Payment is upon publication.