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Brian Schott

spring/summer 2008 issue
volume 2, issue 1

June 25, 2008

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Clifford Garstang The Nymph & the Woodsman p. 8 (18 pages)   
J.A. Tyler On the Streets She is Everyone p. 40 (3 pages)   
J.R. Satterfield, Jr. Headin' for Trouble p. 89 (9 pages)   
Annick Smith All Frogs, Bruno p. 3 (5 pages)   
Jennifer Robbins Digging in the Dirt p. 27 (5 pages)   
Greg Peters Free Flow p. 32 (7 pages)   
Sarah Einstein The Way Things Go p. 43 (10 pages)   
Rick Bass Threshold p. 112 (14 pages)   
Josiah Willows Relativity p. 99 (3 pages)   
John Bardsley Bagging West Goat Peak p. 26 (1 page)   
Cas Still Find a Crack in the Earth p. 39 (1 page)   
Matthew Madieros I've Never Seen p. 98 (1 page)   
Nana McNeil Slow Spin p. 102 (1 page)   
Mike Powers Brad Ludden: The Art of Kayaking p. 53 (12 pages)   
Ryan Friel, Brian Schott Rick Bass: The Art of Writing & Environmental Activism p. 103 (9 pages)   
Christopher Woods East Window p. 78  
Tyler Call The Remnant p. 79  
Pat Clayton Brook Trout in Hyalite Creek, MT p. 81  
Arun Gaur Lost Grave: Dagshai, India p. 82  
Jack Kligerman Mudpot p. 84  
David Marx Shadows on the Wall p. 87  
Ian Griffiths Optimism p. 88  
Alice Voss Native Clarity p. 80  
Florance O'Neal Molly Beth p. 83  
Mary Keefer Birth of a Mountain p. 85  
Karen Minton Papas p. 86  
cover art
Doug Johnson Where the Wild Oat Were cover
Tyler Call Untitled back cover