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Brian Schott

winter 2008/2009 issue
volume II, issue 2

December 11, 2008

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Pete Fromm Steel p. 5 (9 pages)   
Carrie Meadows Until We Meet Again on Holy Hill p. 14 (5 pages)   
Glen Pourciau Front Row p. 21 (4 pages)   
Leslie Budewitz The Afterthought p. 38 (10 pages)   
Ron Savage Gravity p. 49 (8 pages)   
Scott Eubanks The Road Toward Sunset p. 103 (9 pages)   
Katie McGunagle Catch the Land p. 112 (4 pages)   
Michael Conn Frame 36 p. 116 (13 pages)   
Irle White The Polson Express p. 25 (11 pages)   
Michel Sauret The General's Backup Seat p. 58 (5 pages)   
Jay Cowan Rules of Engagement p. 94 (9 pages)   
essays, excerts & prose
Cassandra Dreher What Writing Is p. 3 (2 pages)   
Mike Gorski Letter to Mike p. 20 (1 page)   
Terry Tempest Williams Finding Beauty in a Broken World p. 141 (9 pages)   
Deb Kaufman The Boy and the Great Bear p. 19 (1 page)   
Lowell Jaeger My Neighbor p. 36 (2 pages)   
Bruce Jewett Ground Zero in a Marriage p. 48 (1 page)   
Christina Weide Crocus in the Snow p. 57 (1 page)   
Geraldine Connolly Painting on the Gray Wall p. 91 (1 page)   
Sabine Brigette Without Squirrels p. 129 (1 page)   
Brian Schott The Art & Act of Listening:
Terry Tempest Williams
p. 130 (9 pages)   
Gordon Wiltsie The Jaw of Fenris Wolf p. 76   
Adrianne Fernandez Daddy Sends His Love p. 77   
Adam Barker Corn Lily p. 79   
Zachary Royer Scholz 3407 (rock, pallet) p. 80   
Miguel Farias Big Dipper Starscape, Cloverdale, Oregon p. 84   
John Thompson, Sr. Peak Observation p. 92   
Jim Fuess Underwater Fire #6 p. 78   
Elizabeth Hughes Bass Mean Tote Woman Leaving Butcher Shop p. 81   
Eileen Starr Moderbacher The Things that Had Come to Rest There p. 82   
Michelle Blade Vagabond Campfire p. 83   
Helen Shulman Hiram Syclemore's Cabin Site p. 85   
Kelly Apgar Alpine Cairn p. 86   
Rob Akey A Distant Drum p. 88   
cover art
Noah Clayton Mountain Wave:
Altocumulus Lenticularis
cover & back cover