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Brian Schott

spring/summer 2009 issue
volume III, issue 1

June 12, 2009

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cover art
Chuck Haney Smith Lake Spinner Cast cover & back cover   
Ashley Rose Davidson How to Tell a Bird from its Shadow p. 15 (7 pages)   
Susan Ewing Taking the Long Way p. 43 (5 pages)   
T.L. Toma A House in the Country p. 52 (15 pages)   
Randy J. Bekkedahl Heroes p. 101 (11 pages)   
Gillian Thornton Pane Sardo p. 113 (2 pages)   
Douglas H. Chadwick The Highway of All You Need to Know p. 4 (8 pages)   
Megan Michelson Hunting for the Truth p. 15 (6 pages)   
Tom Joyce BEHOLD the MAN p. 21 (14 pages)   
Lynne Brett Effortless Return p. 115 (2 pages)   
Laura A. Munson Raven p. 12 (2 pages)   
Sabine Hoskinson Lock Box p. 48 (2 pages)   
David James Duncan Agony and Hilarity p. 142 (6 pages)   
Adrian S. Potter The Nostalgia Sound Track p. 14 (1 page)   
Ryan Garth Mitchell Stick Shift p. 42 (1 page)   
John Holbrook Illustrative Limits of Buffalo Chips p. 50 (2 pages)   
Kimi Cunningham Grant Dreaming in Redbud p. 100 (1 page)   
Nancy Burke Scale p. 112 (1 page)   
Frank Miele His Father's Son, Hooked on Fishing p. 117 (1 page)   
Nathan Robinson Star p. 118 (1 page)   
Ryan Friel, Mike Powers Mystery & Melancholy: Ray Troll p. 92 (8 pages)   
Brian Schott The Art of Flow:
David James Duncan
p. 119 (13 pages)   
Kenton Rowe Looking After Young p. 86     
Kristi Hager Dalyland p. 87     
Andreas Olesen Location Reactive #5 (Candy Rocks) p. 88     
Chris Boyer Golden Sunlight Tailings Pond p. 91     
Andrea Brew Streambed p. 80     
Kelsey Dzintars Free Rain p. 81     
Pauline Graziano Elvis Etch A Sketch® p. 82     
Julie T. Chapman Larger than Life p. 84     
Robert Larkin ...but I love you p. 85     
Roland Taylor Rainbow Rehab p. 89     
Paulette Werger Couple p. 90     
Ray Troll Mystery and Melancholy of a
Salmon by the Shore
p. 92