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Brian Schott

winter 2007/2008 issue
volume 1, issue 2

December 13, 2007

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Shirley A. Rorvik The Letter p. 8 (11 pages)   
D.T. Kofoed Saving the Colours p. 20 (12 pages)   
David Tippets A Wreath and a Small Check p. 71 (9 pages)   
Donna D. Vitucci Paradise p. 80 (11 pages)   
Chris Love Opinions of Henri p. 93 (9 pages)   
Douglas H. Chadwick Bone-Eaters p. 3 (3 pages)   
Sarah Belk King Eating the Earth p. 33 (4 pages)   
Mark Voelker The Rare Plum Tree p. 37 (6 pages)   
Mason L. Brubaker Big Brown p. 91 (2 pages)   
Thom Ray Shaman p. 102 (1 page)   
Pam Houston Glimmer #87 p. 112 (2 pages)   
Tod Marshall Buddhahood is Far Away p. 6 (1 page)   
Christopher Mulrooney knot p. 7 (1 page)   
Partridge Boswell How this Next Song Came to Be p. 19 (1 page)   
Lowell Jaeger A Bit Bewildered p. 32 (1 page)   
Cristina R. Mastrangelo Autumn All Over Again p. 69 (2 pages)   
Michael Sykes As Years Advance p. 103 (1 page)   
Nik Ortman Ode to the Ropeswing p. 104 (1 page)   
Brian Schott The Art of Writing: Pam Houston p. 105 (7 pages)   
Rebecca Weil Tears from Heaven p. 55  
Laura Jennings End of Season p. 56  
Brendan Rohan Nose Grind Over the Doorway p. 57  
Patrick Muri The Delight that Abounds p. 58  
Anne Sherwood Snowy Biker p. 61  
Brian Schott Sundog Sunset p. 63  
Craig Moore Heavy Burden p. 64  
Chuck Haney In the Outhouse p. 68  
Kristen Murphy Diligence p. 60  
Jay Benotti The Spiral p. 62  
Jena Ponti Undone p. 65  
William Bernard Brooks Skin-Walker p. 66  
cover art
Heath Korvola Untitled cover
Chuck Haney Untitled back cover