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Brian Schott

spring/summer 2007 issue
volume 1, issue 1

June 15, 2007

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Maggie Neal Doherty How to Speak with an Island p. 10 (7 pages)   
Leif Peterson Fordicidia p. 27 (8 pages)   
Evelyn Spence Without Design p. 37 (7 pages)   
Brian Schott Rumble Strips p. 90 (12 pages)   
Matt Holloway Julie p. 103 (10 pages)   
William Kittredge Views of the Lake p. 119 ( pages)   
Tim Cahill Shed His Grace on Me p. 3 (7 pages)   
Jay Cowan Hunter Thompson, Shootist p. 18 (9 pages)   
Ernest Hebert New Hampshire Patterns p. 44 (9 pages)   
Kerry Crittenden Waiting for the Test Results p. 17 (1 page)   
Robin L. Graham Welcome Sister p. 35 (2 pages)   
Barbara L. Thomas Terracotta p. 102 (1 page)   
Mark Herman Test p. 113 (1 page)   
Brian Schott Drew Bledsoe: The Art of Football p. 53 (8 pages)   
Brian Schott William Kittredge: The Art of Writing p. 114 (5 pages)   
Craig Moore Trouble p. 73  
Joel Templeton Through the Trees p. 80  
Alex Volborth The Scream, after Edvard Munch p. 83  
EB Gilliland Luck's Run Out p. 86  
Jeff Scholl Morning Fog p. 88  
Larry Turner Thirsting for Wilderness p. 89  
Joe W. Hensley Perfect Harmony p. 76  
Adam Blue Perpetual Motion Machine Cartouche p. 77  
Edvard Munch The Scream (reproduction) p. 81  
Pete Thomas The Drinker p. 85  
Jena Ponti I Like to Think About Fruit p. 81  
cover art
Larry Turner Untitled cover
Ian Griffiths Untitled back cover